Graffiti Typographic Santa Fe

Sometimes I find the same image, well pretty much the same, in different places. I guess someone has something on their mind! This is one of the typographical designs that I was talking about on the home page. I’ve even seen this painted on a large rock. Sort of a metaphysical question, isn’t it? This was found in one of the small alleyways in the old town. I would think that it’s pretty easy to paint on a wall like this because it’s so secluded. And sure enough, these alleyways are often a treasure-trove of graffiti. I’ll be there.

But the owners of these buildings let it stay for a month or so, then it gets painted over. Give it a few weeks, and a new one will appear. Kind of like crop circles!

Graffiti Faces Santa Fe

When do these people do this? Do they show up at night or what? Maybe they do it in segments. I saw some graffiti in Sicily that was so elaborate, that I wondered if it had been commissioned. Who knows? Maybe this was too. I’ve seen this style and very similar face in many other locations.