This man with the painted face caught me off guard. It didn’t take but two seconds for me to LOVE it! I was envious in fact. Face graffiti, what a wonderful idea. And what an old one too.

I also liked the enormous drips on the side of this building. It’s so simple, but it’s one of my favorites and maybe that’s why. The “blue bird” graphic had to have been recent. The paint was shiny and vibrant. This is a LARGE graffiti/mural from the Albuquerque, NM area.

The cross is definitely part of a series that I have seen and photographed in other places. The concept is always the same: repeat of a basic module and then color it. I think they’re lovely. I still think that religion has a place in our lives and it’s not to be laughed at. You may not know this, but we’re all going to die someday, and religion can do a lot—not just to comfort us—but to reconcile us to that fact of life. I can promise you that the guy with the painted face knows about those kinds of connections. I don’t remember what country he was from, but he was not from the United States. OK, sermon over.

Geometric Design

Am still trying to “figure out” just how they do this. I’ve gotten some insight from my internet research and from watching some of this while it’s in progress.

Some of these are pasted into position, almost like wallpaper, except that you can’t see that up close. So I never know which is which.

The trend I seem to be witnessing is: businesses and the owners of these buildings embracing the idea of graffiti as art and in this case, a mural. Some of these creations are too elaborate to have been anything else. Well, that’s my two cents worth. I’ll keep prowling streets and byways of New Mexico USA.

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Graffiti Faces Santa Fe

When do these people do this? Do they show up at night or what? Maybe they do it in segments. I saw some graffiti in Sicily that was so elaborate, that I wondered if it had been commissioned. Who knows? Maybe this was too. I’ve seen this style and very similar face in many other locations.