Tribute to Petroglyphs

Do these images belong on a site dedicated to street art? Are they in any way, an analog to today’s murals or urban wall paintings? Are they more closely connected to cave art? Or are they in a league of their own?

I choose to include them here.
And I can’t give you the exact rationale for doing so.

I think if the ancients had had access to the paint and brushes and spray paint and more, that we have today, they would have used them. And, being denied a cave upon which to leave their mark, they would have to choose the next worst things: the maze of city walls which make up the nexus of all modern cities.

This part of the country is filled with petroglyphs and I am pulled to them in a similar way that I am “drawn” to street art, murals, and to a lesser extent, graffiti. Is the impulse to create them or just look at them ever the same? Humans see a wall or a rock face or a building, and some of us want to paint it! Petroglyphs ALWAYS invoke a sense of awe and timelessness. It can be quite ethereal. And I suppose that there is one major difference between the two. PetroGlyph vs MetroGlyph. Most of these photos were taken in the Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque, New Mexico.